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Spring or naw?

Hey. Hey Last time we posted we were still in the brutal cold of winter, most of the nation was still trapped in the icy cold of mountains of snow. But its finally SPRING! Therefore I need to go shopping for spring clothes and pack away all my boots and sweaters for next year. Even though I have recently brought a bunch of new cute sweaters that I of course will show you.  LOL


So that sucks it going to warm so I can’t wear these beautiful sweaters but at the same time I am loving this warmer weather so I could wear a bunch of  t-shirts and dresses and skirts once I find myself some shoes. Well that is all for this post nothing really deep here haha like the rest of them. Well have a good Monday ugh bye.

Other than that I made a bunch of icons because well we haven’t been here and this is a graphic and resource site so here:

ashh zac zashley nessa coffeee gossipgirl

ariana girls strawberries vanessas ashley taylorr

shay coffee taylor ariannna selena rain

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Back to December


Hi guys. As you all realized things have changed we are no longer those teenagers we were designing years ago we grown up and I want to thank every single one of you guys for supporting and getting to know us. These couple years (more like 4-6) have been amazing, I would have not change it for the world, I learn so much and all these skills have actually help me in through the years. I’m not ashamed to admit that this was my escape from reality. I struggled but I knew that once I get on that computer and start designing all my fears of failure ended.  We have grown and as you can see we spaced ourselves from this site and designing, we rarely make anything other than simple edits from tumblr but that does not mean this is an end. We took a year break and we lost many of our costumers and viewers that we long hoped to gain but we are aware that many of you guys stuck with this through all the good and bad things we truly appreciate that. We have been super busy with our outside lives that we forgot and we like to say we are coming back. Not now but very soon haha. SOON <– this is not the end we promise (we hope) and we will continue to blog about our lives if you care and one day we will reopen our design site. Thank you guys for the love and support. <3 Bye

BTW We finally got up a new layout :0 of Ariana Grande, made by Amber we were suppose to post this up years ago up we just got it up. haha sorry about that enjoy.

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Society’s Flaws

Hey guys. So I have a serious question have you guys ever watched a movie and though, why can’t my life be like that. Well that’s me everyday, like can I live there, seriously the protagonist’s biggest problem is  not getting the boy or girl of their dreams to like them like come on we can live with that in fact majority of us do and that does not kill us and make that the main goal of our lives.  Can there be a more ordinary, legitimate story based on things that happen in real life. Majority of the teenagers I know are not rich or do drugs like Hollywood makes it out to be, majority of us are just normal teenagers struggling with school, society and finical issues, though these topics do not seem as interesting as sex, young love and drugs to people doe snot mean they should not be talked about. I’m just sick and tired of adults thinking that all teenagers are the same. Last week my mom indirectly asked me if I was doing drugs. Like I know you care about me mom but I’m not that type of person to do drugs and hang out in the alleyway with the wrong group of people.

Another is society, society is terrible, yes it much better than 40-60 years ago, with civil rights, women s rights and other activist groups that formed but is society really better? Since 2008 has society gotten better? My answer would be no, all society does is judge us, our looks, or race, or gender, age, sexuality, is that how our lives are suppose to be. They say we are not normal but what is the norm? I thought in our society we were suppose to be individuals, what happened to individualism? If we are suppose to be different why are people judging us because we are not the same. These are the reasons why I rather not live here. I mean I do not even what to know how society will be 10, 20 years from now. For example Justin Bieber, I know that there has been so much hate on this kid and he is just another teenager that need help, but that is no excuse for his behavior. That is the reason why  I feel teenagers that were born and raised in Hollywood lack the skills we have because they never knew the meaning of privacy and that as damn many of them, such as Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, I know it seems like I’m picking on them but somewhat it is not their fault they were born into or sucked into this fame that they were not ready for. And because fans have gave them so much confidence that they thought they had the power to do anything and get away with it. But but an educated student such as me and you into to this limelight and see if we get the same results, my hypothesis would be no, the situation would change because we are aware of the real life and understand the consequences in life.  Another example is the Kardashians and Jenners, they had the life, fame, money and everything they want, one dress or a pair of shoes probably cost more than my whole closet, again if we put a normal hard working person into their position the results are that those persons would not waste there money on a pair of shoes or a shirt because they understand the struggle that people have to get to that point. What I am trying to say in short is that those who were born with something are not as thankful as those who earn it. So go on and say I’m a hater and that I am jealous, because I am I did not have fancy cars and shoes that are hundreds of dollars but I understand that some people get more in life than other and majority of the time is do to luck. Just because they are “pretty” the get so much because I know so many people who are struggling to get a job and they are the most hardworking individuals one could ever meet.

Last thing that got on my nerves before I end this post with my life story hah is that people are so offended with someone dislikes their favorite celebrity, example One Direction.  Directioners are probably the rudest fandom out there, I’m not hating I love One Direction and the boys are so talents but these fans have taking it too far. Every girl that these boys are dating get beat up and hated on because the fans think the boys are gay. Wow, this is one of the reasons why I can not stand that fandom. Why are they so focused on their lives why can’t the boys be happy with these girls. And I know this sounds like a drag and that these are just words now and you can hate on me because I do not ship Larry, go on and say I’m homophobic and shit I do not care because I’m not homophobic I have friends that are gay and I really do not care.  Its just that really annoys me, imagine how she feels, your boyfriend is gay…. like what do you want her to say I know…??? people these days irk I just can’t.

Sorry but I’m not sorry