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♥ Posted By:katelyn♥ 0 love notesDec28,2012
Happy Belated Christmas


Listening to: Last First Kiss By One Direction

At the Moment: I am doing my 5 page essay due on January something but of course I’m a procrastinator so there is no hope in me even though every year I claim to stop I never do. sigh. lalala

Eating: Nothing but I’m hungry. I made brownies earlier today teehee. They were good hahha.

Weather: probably below freezing because its cold outside and inside but I got my heat on.

Thinking: that’s a secret I would never tell. xoxo Gossip Girl I MEAN DAN HUMPHREY. Why the hell would Serena still want Gossip Girl, Serena is dating Gossip Girl. Wait rewind Gossip Girl was a boy this whole time??? When the hell did this happen. Right it is because he’s a bitch who got no life and is a crazy stalker!! I STILL HATE THE LAST EPISODE OF GG Serenate for life!! haha as you probably already know I am a Chair and Serenate fan if you follow us on Twitter. but if you don’t oh okay then I understand.

Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas.Well I am like 3 days late but okay. How are you all? I have been good thanks for asking lol. Actually there was a lot of things that have been going through my mind lately. Life is actually okay, most likely because school is out of my way but when we return I will have to go back into reality. With school there are a lot of problems especially when people judge you no matter if your ugly or pretty fat or skinny. Like Kelly Clarkson said  You can’t win No you can’t win oh. With High School there comes a lot of DRAMA. Face it, it is life and we can not do anything to stop the fact that people are stupid!!

Example one on my rant of stupid things people do. ONE the dude who killed the little kids and the teachers. (I know that a lot of people exclude the teachers from their post but they were involved and killed for no reason too.) I feel so sad when I hear this and when people meant this topic because their were a lot of things that could have or should have been done to prevent this from happening. But all teh could have and should haves would kill our minds because face it its over and done and unless some genius makes a time machines there no turning back so I recommend that we should THINK VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE WE DO SOMETHING because most of the time it is the wrong time to do and it will back fire.

TWO I heard all over the news about all those robberies, people breaking down doors crashing stores to steal. WHAT HAS THE WORLD BECOME!!?? I know that may people think that the world was suppose to end on the 21st but it didn’t so let it go!! unless you are one of those idiots who thought it would and sold all of your belonging. boo that sucks for you then. But Seriously are you that greedy that you have to steal. There are so many people in the world that do not have anything and I see people stealing and complaining that they do not have a nice phone or a flat screen TV. People you should be happy for what you have and not be greedy. I hate thieves because I too got my phone stolen before and let me tell you that feeling is not a good one. But that was the past and I moved on and got myself a new phone haha even cooler than that one :P

Well that rant is over. Looks on arm at watch that does not exist I have about umm 10 more minutes before I give up on my English essay and watch some TV before bed. hahah I umm don’t know what to say now so….

If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me

And I can lend you broken parts
That might fit like this
And I will give you all my heart
So we can start it all over again

One of my favorite One Direction songs. Mentioning them Louis Tomlinson recently turned 21! As you can check out our Louis Here And Vanessa Hudgens turned 24! You can check out our Vanessa Site Here

Hey Hey. Damn it I never had the time to write what I wanted to. Okay I’ll squeeze it in here. Damn we really need a new layout gosh this one is way to old like 5 months ago ahha. So there was some dude in our street. Trash collectors well the dude knocked on the door but come on it was like 7 I was not going to open the door for you. And then he tried to steal from us. Are you freaking serious dude you are going to steal for me. Bitch NO ONE does that. So My brother and I run out there to see whats up and bam the dude was ready to leave and we were like BITCH WHAT THE HELL YOU THINK YOU DOING lol okay maybe not like that but still. haha it was perfect I felt accomplished. Okay maybe not because my unwritten essay is staring back at me like KATELYN YOU HAVE ONLY 10 days left finish me already. hahah

We have not been able to take any orders sorry. We have been to busy vacationing hahah and doing what were do pretending like real haha. Lets go crazy cray crazy till we see the sun I know we only meet but lets pretend its love and never ever stop for anyone tonight lets get some and live while were young. Sorry I have been jamming to One Direction this week and I can not get their songs out of my head or maybe its because of what I saw on tumblr on how the Jonas Brothers thought the title of their song was Tonight we will get some. aww man how I miss the Jonas Brothers so much. They were perfect <3 no matter what people say.

Okay I think this is a wrap for this week. See you all soon. BYE BYE. Love you and be safe <3 I;ll end this post with a JB song. I’ll meet you in Paris somewhere in dreamland, come to light that smile your wearing,keeps me believing, and keeps me alive. We’ll be the kings and the queens of this broken scene. I’ll meet you in Paris. <3

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