Designers: Katelyn. && Amber.
Opened: UMM Back in December 2008
Layout: AMBER
Layout Featuring: Demi Lovato - Don't Forget
Host: Starszz <3
Programs Used: Photoshop CS6

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I think its about time to mix this up a bit. I was like so little when I wrote that old biography that I didn’t know what I was writing. So much has changed from that day and today, like they say your a different person then you were yesterday. You view things in a different perceptive then how you did a month ago or a year ago.You don’t realize he change it just happens. So like let me get started. My name is Katelyn and I”m not going to tell you my age about that not really important. No I’m not a pedophile so don’t be scare. i”m not a 55 year old man who is after you.  Like the title says I’m Asian and I’m proud of it, so don’t hate on the Asians cause we’re amazing. :D So I’m still in School lol so i can’t be that old. Umm I love to graphic design and do what all teens do I guess. I’m a leader not a follower, that’s right I didn’t give it shit what your doing.