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♥ Posted By:katelyn♥ 0 love notesJan03,2013
Mistakes Mistakes and More Mistakes


I really wonder when I will really learn to stop making the same stupid mistakes. I am just so stupid sometimes I mean all the time. I do not want to be stupid but it is the truth and as much as the truth hurts its reality. I had enough I have been repeating the same mistakes all my life and I am sick of it but I really do not know how the fix it I guess it in just a part of me that is imperfect and every year I try to change but I can not adapt to that change and bam all my time is wasted. I just hate it!! Like when I am suppose to be doing my homework I am playing on my phone or when I am ordering things online I put the wrong shipping address  or I let the wrong types of people in my life.

The topic above in bold is the one that I would like to talk about my mistakes have gone to far. I just recently went to order new phone cases and I put the wrong address down now I lost 11 dollars. I contacted the people and everything so I really really hope that they would see the messages and ship it to the right address. I am like really praying that they do. I used PayPal so they already took the money and I can not cancel my order on Ebay so I really hope they would ship it to my address because that was 11 dollars that I worked my butt off for.

Well I think that is all I wanted to say. Well Happy New Years 2013!! I know I am late once again but it is still the new year so <3 Bye Bye. Love you all and I still pray that my phone cases are shipped to me.

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