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Posted By:this asian chick amber♥ On: Jan09,2014♥ With: 0 kisses
All These False Promises

Every time I come on here, I just give false promises. I keep saying, I will do this better, that better, but what have I been really doing better? I’ve been getting better at being lazy. I know I have this site and I really love it and I love you guys but I haven’t been the most creative person in the world during my personal, uncalled for hiatus.

A new year means a new motivated person right? I’ll honestly try. I actually have a new layout featuring Ariana Grande that just isn’t coded. Katelyn does the coding now cause I’m too stupid for codes now. It’s a really sad life cause I actually started learning the codes and everything. I really just hope my studies doesn’t get in the way. My break ends soon and I know I really should have taken orders a little bit earlier but I’ve really been attached to watching movies. I’ve watched like 5 in the past two weeks. And I literally haven’t designed until I saw the Vanessa hudgens’ Bongo shoot yesterday which really inspired me. My creativity level is so low.

Please don’t give up your hope on us. We are working to get back up soon. I really want that new layout up this weekend but Katelyn’s spring semester already started so she’s a busy bee.

Posted By:that asian katelyn♥ On: Nov06,2013♥ With: 0 kisses
Crushed Dreams

Hi Guys. Sorry I feel like this more of a personal site than it is a design site but to be honest I am stressed out and I just don’t know what to do. I’m just feel stressed out, no one will never understand my pain whether you through it or not. I’m different and I know that, but stress can kill a person, well that’s what I recently learned. I know I’m not the brightest, or near that point but I devoted my whole life to be successful and all I am is a failure. All I hear is DEADLINE DEADLINE DEADLINE. And whether I can make it through them leads to my failure. Yearbook, Graduation, College. Sigh time went by too fast I’m not ready yet. Like the little chicken that cross the street to get to the other side, he through he was ready just to realize that there were new surroundings and a new territory that he would have to call home. Whether or not he would survive would be on his part. And right now I feel like that chicken, naive, bemused and STRESSED.

My parents always express how stupid I am, and compare me to all their friends children and you know I will never understand why I am the way I am. They always tell me study and do what I am suppose to but how am I supposed to learn with everyone telling me if I am not successful there is no point of life. I’m craving brains, everywhere I go I realized I’m trapped, no smiles, frowns grins and tears. From home to school and back home I realized that the pain is real that the fight harder everyday. The struggle for jobs and wealth is real. Everything. I have hit reality. It slapped me across my face and told me to wake up and stop dreaming. That’s the problem with me I’m a dreamer and this is life, in life there is no time to dream. 

Sorry mom, dad I let you down. I really wish I could make it up to you, but everyday I dream, wish that there would be a miracle that changed my life forever, but those who sit around and wait get nothing so I try. Everyday I think of a reason to wake up make up my plan, set goals and hope that they follow through. But we are not perfect, it either I get distracted online or in a book or decide I want to bake a cake or brownies and there goes a perfectly good day and here I am, struggling wondering what I want to be and what I have to say, but in all I am really sorry I’m a failure that I never had the chance to be someone and make you proud to say that is my daughter! #failure #sorry

Posted By:that asian katelyn♥ On: Oct13,2013♥ With: 2 kisses

Hi guys how have you been. Life has been a stressful ride for me and at this point I feel like I am at rock bottom and am crawling out of shell but have not gone anywhere before. I feel like I reached point zero with no where to go. So far this year has been very stressful for me I’m praying hoping there will be better days to come. Because there will be prettier, smarter, more talented, skinny, taller, braver, wiser, richer, more popular, famous, and in general better people than you but we all have to learn to deal with our selves. So we all been through this phase before whether you are young, old, age does not matter because one day you will meet someone who you think is perfect and what to be that person but you realized that they have there flaws as well because we are all human.

So blah blah on that for now. I wrote that yesterday and well I am a very bipolar person and finishing that could change my mood. So I have an essay to finish but by now you know I am a procrastinator. I made a theme you guys can use to create sites and stuff if you guys, we want to make it up to you guys we got some orders but when I finally checked my email yesterday I realized we were late :( SORRY WE DID NOT MEAN TO IGNORE YOU GUYS. LIFE is complicated and callus and we just needed some time to think things through on whether we will ever design again. YES we know that will heart your hearts because like the site names inspiration who just gave up we felt that way too. :( SORRY, we really need some thing away to focus on whats important this is not goodbye we promise we will return, maybe even tomorrow. HAHAH I wish, but life has not been an easy rode, we rifted and more on to more difficult paths.

WELL TO end this comment below if you want this theme it is not completed but here is a preview. We will check comments next week <3 GOOD BYE for now. :)