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♥ Posted By:this asian chick amber♥ 0 love notesAug17,2014
How to Build a Better Boy

As someone who owes a huge part of my childhood to Disney Channel, I decided to tune in to the premiere of ‘How to Build a Better Boy’. In all honestly the trailer looked promising, and to me the idea for the movie seemed quite original, even for my nearly 20 years old self. Other than tuning in for this movie, it’s been months, maybe years since I’ve even watched Disney Channel, I didn’t even know what channel to set my TV, the other day. I don’t think I’ve watched Disney Channel since ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ stopped airing. It’s been a while since Disney came up with fun and exciting ideas, so I couldn’t resist the urge to watch this DCOM.

Have I outgrown Disney Channel, and that’s why I don’t enjoy watching it anymore? I used to watch it everyday. I loved ‘That so Raven’, ‘Lizzie Miguire’. ‘Hannah Montana’, ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’ (no I didn’t enjoy ‘suite life on deck’), ‘Phil of the Future’, ‘Kim Possible’, and ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’. Or is it because those familiar faces that I grew up with outgrew Disney? Now-a-days, I don’t even recognize the stars on Disney Channel at all. I’m probably older than all of them. Or maybe I’m just jealous that they are younger and more successful than me. Who knows.

Anyways, back to the movie. I liked the idea of the movie, but I didn’t enjoy it. The characters didn’t have any back stories, and that had to have bothered me the most. We just dove into the movie and it took me a while to even catch on to what their names were. And then there’s the horrendous outfits that the main girls wore. They didn’t look like dorks, they looked like they came from a different century. Smart girls aren’t always dorky, look at Gabriella Montez (High School Musical reference). It also bothered me that the popular girl never learned her lesson. She never got payback for being a jerk. And then there’s that ‘cab’ that the chick’s older brother bought. How come like the family owned stuff, and dressed like they were from a different century, while everyone else was up to date with everything. I really had high hopes for this movie and had hopes that Disney would redeem themselves for me, but I guess I’ll just reminisce the past while watching another ‘High School Musical’ marathon or something lol.

And now some icons for bearing with me.

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♥ Posted By:katelyn♥ 0 love notesAug03,2014

Hello. I’m alive, but barely.I feel like I’m breathing but there isn’t enough air in my lungs. Maybe I’m nervous, in a month I will be starting a new school, and when I say school. COLLEGE. And everything changes. And the sad part is I don’t even feel grown, I’m just not ready for to start a new school and new life.

Anyways I added some Taylor Swift icons and a tutorial that you can check out here

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♥ Posted By:this asian chick amber♥ 1 love noteJul13,2014
One Down Two to Go

Hi guys, you can go check out our new design site theme by clicking the banner below. It’s coded and everything, the colors just don’t match that much cause we are lazy bums. I also made new Vanessa, Joe, and Ashley icons that I haven’t added to the icon center yet, but I slowly will. We are in the mists of making a new theme for it, kinda. We have yet to make widgits work and that kinda saddens me, but enjoy.

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