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♥ Posted By:this asian chick amber♥ 0 love notesJun01,2014
New Tutorial.

Wow I can’t believe this resource site is such a mess that we only have like 6 tutorials. Sorry about that. I just added a new one.

Click Here to check it out. Apparently it’s our first photoshop tutorial which to me seems crazy. Anyways enjoy.

after before

♥ Posted By:this asian chick amber♥ 0 love notesMay23,2014
Still Alive

School has been very stressful so I have been neglecting this site and oh gosh, when I come back to look at it, it looks like such a mess. My Ariana Grande layout still looks fine, but oh god, my side bars are hideous.

It’s probably been half a year since I’ve last posted. Half a year does totally change a person. I’ve been a failure lately and that’s really caused me to become a little depressed. Honestly I haven’t done one thing for this site, or any other sites of mine for months. I’ve just been sitting around with textbooks all day so honestly, I am so happy that my summer has finally started.

Goals for this summer: I really want/need a job. I really want to get out of the house. I really want to change my major. I hate medicine and science after this semester. What the hell was I thinking? I want to go to the beach again. I need to start graphic designing again. It’s probably been a year since I’ve made anything other than a manip. I made icons today but that doesn’t count. I want to get a lot done this summer but as a procrastinator, I probably won’t get anything done.

8 Taylor Swift icons. I started getting lazier as time went by, so they get uglier towards the end.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

As for orders, I will accept one layout order, no coding though. Please order from here. No promises on how fast I can finish orders though so I hope no one minds.

♥ Posted By:that asian katelyn♥ 0 love notesApr06,2014
Spring or naw?

Hey. Hey Last time we posted we were still in the brutal cold of winter, most of the nation was still trapped in the icy cold of mountains of snow. But its finally SPRING! Therefore I need to go shopping for spring clothes and pack away all my boots and sweaters for next year. Even though I have recently brought a bunch of new cute sweaters that I of course will show you.  LOL


So that sucks it going to warm so I can’t wear these beautiful sweaters but at the same time I am loving this warmer weather so I could wear a bunch of  t-shirts and dresses and skirts once I find myself some shoes. Well that is all for this post nothing really deep here haha like the rest of them. Well have a good Monday ugh bye.

Other than that I made a bunch of icons because well we haven’t been here and this is a graphic and resource site so here:

ashh zac zashley nessa coffeee gossipgirl

ariana girls strawberries vanessas ashley taylorr

shay coffee taylor ariannna selena rain