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♥ Posted By:that asian katelyn♥ 0 love notesAug03,2014

Hello. I’m alive, but barely.I feel like I’m breathing but there isn’t enough air in my lungs. Maybe I’m nervous, in a month I will be starting a new school, and when I say school. COLLEGE. And everything changes. And the sad part is I don’t even feel grown, I’m just not ready for to start a new school and new life.

Anyways I added some Taylor Swift icons and a tutorial that you can check out here

01 02 03 04 05

♥ Posted By:this asian chick amber♥ 1 love noteJul13,2014
One Down Two to Go

Hi guys, you can go check out our new design site theme by clicking the banner below. It’s coded and everything, the colors just don’t match that much cause we are lazy bums. I also made new Vanessa, Joe, and Ashley icons that I haven’t added to the icon center yet, but I slowly will. We are in the mists of making a new theme for it, kinda. We have yet to make widgits work and that kinda saddens me, but enjoy.

0713(2) 0713(3) 713(1) 713(4) 713(5) 713(6) 713(7) 713(8) 713(9)

♥ Posted By:this asian chick amber♥ 0 love notesJul06,2014
Bear with Us

Sorry if the site is looking like a mess. Katelyn and I are revamping everything in the next few days.

Our Current To-Do-List

    • Code Design Page Layout
    • Design and Code New Iconsort Theme
    • Learn and re-code main site theme to incorporate widgits

So far the list is pretty short, but for a bunch of procrastinators, a short list is enough work for a week. So far none has been accomplished because we have lost the talent we never had.

In the mean time enjoy a few icons of Ashley Tisdale.

1 2 03