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♥ Posted By:this asian chick amber♥ 0 love notesJan20,2013


Hi. My first message of 2013. OMG. Yes I’ve totally been slacking. I just couldn’t look at my Demi Lovato layout anymore. So here you go. New Selena Gomez one. It’s simpler!  So I hope you like it.

NO NEW resources. Yes I realize I’m really slacking now. In the mean-time I’ve been playing a lot of RUZZLE! That’s true but seriously I’ve been concentrating on school. UGHHH.

Mid-terms starting Wednesday. I have first and second period off! NOOO D:. I’m gonna fail my ass off. AND YES IT’S SUPER PREDICTABLE THAT I HAVEN’T STARTED STUDYING! I really have to stop procrastinating. I keep thinking hey no school tomorrow and no testing Tuesday, I got time. In actuality, I actually don’t.

I should also take some time to figure out what I want to be. I’ve been thinking about becoming a Business Major, or possibly going to the Healthcare field. Pediatrician for only well children? Is there such a thing? You know the ones that work at doctor’s offices and only do check ups? I don’t like the idea of hospital with kids in pain. D: Even if I’m going to help them, I’m a bit too sensitive or that. Or maybe a dentist? For kids of course. I have no idea. I like the idea of business though. Walking around in the city and dressing so fancy and feeling like I’m at the top of the world. AND I like math and hate science so umm yeah. Whatever happens happens I guess.

I’m not accepting order under next Friday because of Mid-terms. 

#New Tutorial – Slicing in Paint Shop Pro

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