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♥ Posted By:this asian chick amber♥ 0 love notesFeb24,2013
Studying all Day and Studying all Night …

There’s no point of me apologizing for not posting anymore. I always apologize and then I always never step up my game. I’m lazy. I spend my half days and days off shopping. I spend my weekends on tumblr, instagram, twitter, and updating Vanessa Fansite. Oh and stalking Sean O’donnell’s instagram. The boy is a freaking cutie.

No to my time after school. What time? Eat. Homework. Use phone for homework and constant distraction. Eat dinner. Then sleep time. I usually sleep at eleven now. Everyone that I know can stay up until like two or three in the morning and still have energy for school, let alone pass with honor roll, BUT me, I guess I’m some kinda unique creature because I need my eight hours of sleep that I do not get.

I don’t understand why I’m complaining. I don’t take tough courses. Maybe just two of them. The ones that I really have to work on studying. My other classes I usually just get a test once a week or every two weeks, depends. BUT the thing is, every time a chill class has a test, a tough class has one too. And then I’m fucked.

I’m lazy. I want to go driving. But I can’t drive. I piss my parents off when I get behind the wheel. They judge my intelligence. They insult themselves, saying how dumb they are but they can drive a moving vehicle and I can’t. I can’t park in a parking lot. I just can’t. I can’t drive like straight. I always end up sliding to the left when I start out on the right. I want my license.

Maybe then, I won’t be anti-social, stuck at home. I barely even go on forums now, to be not anti-social online. All my friends can do whatever. Their parents don’t give a fuck. And maybe I wouldn’t like that but like I have no freedom. My parents are control freaks, that are super protective. I like some sort of protection but when you see a teenager shopping at the mall with their mom, what would you think. Sure, if it’s grocery shopping or like holiday shopping, cool. It’s not too embarrassing since I’m a girl but for those boys, I feel for ya. You should be driving around and do whatever boys do. No shopping with your madre.

Okay rant over. My rant went from school to parents to who knows what. I never have ideas when I actually get to the keyboard LOL.

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