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Slicing in PSP


I will be using this old Six Minutes layout.  HERE (Yes all those memories.)

01. Just open it up in Paint Shop Pro. (Okay maybe that was just like obvious, but you never know.)

02. Now go to File>Export>Image Slicer SCREENCAP?

03. A new window should pop up. Now copy what I have. I basically clicked the slicer tool (3rd BUTTON) and changed gif to png. HERE.

04. I like to expand the window before I slice, but it’s actually your choice. Now to slicing. Slice it as much as you want. All you want to make sure of is that your navigation is in separate slices. (and welcome message too, but I’m too lazy to code that in this one. plus I usually fill it up with text beforehand.) SCREENCAP.

05. FOR NAVIGATION. Now use the mouse tool and click in between the slices and the border around each slice will be green. Now insert a link. SCREENCAP.

06. Now click save as. I recommend that you create a new folder and save it there. If not, then it’d just be all over your desktop.

07. Okay You Are Done. Upload it to your site. Change the links.




sorry about not coding the welcome box.